Saturday, November 22, 2014

CollegeDunia: 6 Months Report Card Attract Rs 1 Crore In Angel Funding

Sahil Chalana, the founder of CollegeDunia, is quite enthusiast about the recent funding it has gained from an automobile portal The whooping amount of Rs 1 crore has come through angel funding in which there are certain undisclosed investors also as reported in a recent online news

CollegeDunia Web Pvt Ltd was recently launched in May 2014 and has been attracting over 1 lakh visitors month on month basis. It aims to acquire the visitor count to 1 million within next 6 months.

The credit goes to the unique style of presenting the information on this protal, for over 700 colleges in a very comprehensively structured manner. You can know almost everything about any college right since its inception till its current operations in terms of courses, fee, facilities, location, and more. There are merely 30 people engaged in various operational and supporting activities of this portal but the count is estimated to reach to more than double in next 6 months. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

CollegeDunia: An Online Portal To Get Complete Details Of All Colleges, Business Schools And Institutes Of India

Imagine where can you find complete information of IIT Kharagpur regarding the courses it offers, fee, admission dates, entrance exam dates etc. Obviously, the best place would be College's official website. Now for all IIT colleges you will have to go to all the relevant websites one by one. Now imagine a single online location where you can find detail of all engineering colleges, with complete course details each one of them offers, fee details, admission criteria, admission dates, entrance examination details in terms of form submission, exam dates etc. That single place is CollegeDunia, a well organized, easy to navigate and quite fast portal. 

When you visit a particular college's page, say IIT Kharagpur page on CollegeDunia, there is nothing left that you would have liked to know about and you don't find it there. The same is applicable for all colleges of India. So you can easily click on each college one by one to have a detailed view (microscopic view) still being in focus to move anywhere as and when required. IIT Kharagpur page contains its establishment year, departments, history, Institute centers, Institute Schools, Short term programs it offers, Extra curricular activities that happen here, Facilities, Rankings on various global parameters, and scholarships it offers.

The same is available for all engineering colleges; and for that sake; for other streams too.