Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review: The Guardian Angels: A Must Read Love Story That Goes Beyond Love

Rohit Gore is a brilliant writer with lots of clarity in his mind the way he takes care of all aspects of writing - story, conceptualization, characterization, streaming, and so on. The Guardian Angels is the fourth book written by Rohit Gore. His earlier books have been well acclaimed with each book adding more fanfare and readers to the extent of the manifold. His third book Circle of Three was a kind of blockbuster. All his books have been well acclaimed by critics and reviewers. Rohit seems to be an intense thinker and quick conceptualization capabilities but when he pens down his thoughts, it flows flawlessly. His writing style is seductive that engrosses reader to its core and keeps carrying along with the story by holding his hand and gripping his mind.

It will not be possible to translate the satisfaction and good feelings that you get while and after reading this book, but if you like philosophical, fiction and love story books, this is for you. You get a calm and soothing touch while reading The Guardian Angels. The story starts in July 1993 when Adi, the lead male character 
was just 12 and was being beaten to the extent of worse by a gang of three buffoons of his school with no crime from his side. The first encounter of Adi and the lead female character Radha, who is also 12 and has joined Adi's school recently, happens during this encounter when Adi is being thrashed up badly and Radha saves her from those buffoons. And there starts a deep, angelic relationship between Adi and Radha. The story of The Guardian Angels, that starts when Adi and Radha are 12, goes till when they reach their early thirties (July 1993 - July 2012).

There are so many ups and downs in the story of The Guardian Angels in the life of Adi and Radha. But every time when either of them gets into trouble, another one comes as a savior. There is a deep, never dying bonding that occurs between Adi and Radha though both of them belonged to two different planets in all aspects except one - their faith, trust, love, and care for each other. In this intense story, you get so engrossed that while reading, you feel the pain behind the smile of Adi, you get hurt when Radha gets hurt, you laugh when they both laugh, you become tense when either of them becomes tense, you will hit by severe circumstances when it happens to either of them. So don't bother if you find yourself smiling at times, or get the corners of your eyes wet; while reading this book.

The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore carries a touch of the writing style of Maxim Gorky and philosophical writing style of Ayn Rand.

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