Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review: Reading a Writers Mind By Linda Acaster: A Must Read For Any Genre Serious Writer

Reading a Writer's Mind: Exploring Short Fiction - First Thought to Finished Story by Linda Acaster is a must read for any genre of any level of writer. For any level of the writer because even if you as a writer have attained a 'near to perfection' state, this book will still give you a new thrust in your writing. This book takes care guiding a budding or rookie writer to a matured writer right from the inception of idea towards building a story in a structured manner.

Reading a Writer's Mind by Linda Acaster is not a theoretical guide that will bore you while reading. It is a uniquely written practical guide that will keep you engaged throughout, chapter after chapter. The book helps you right through conceptualization to story building to excellent writing that enables you to create a binding between you as a writer and your readers. This book has a dedicated chapter for each of the genre - Mainstream, Horror, Fiction, Romance, Drama, Crime, Fantasy, and Historical. The author Linda Acaster is herself is an established writer of more than 70 short stories and five successful novels. In a way, Linda has covered almost all genres in her stories and novels.

In this book, an aspiring writer will learn different technicalities required for writing and influencing readers. Learning about how a story is to be built from a character, how to use tone as a tool for description, how to build interrogative ideas so as to engage readers and so on. Linda's stories have been used as examples in the chapters of this fantastic book. Reading a Writer's Mind by Linda Acaster is definitely going to be helpful for aspiring and budding writers, and will be useful for expert writers to sharpen their weapons. Linda has been a successful Tutor, Trainer and Reader in this field with top institutions.

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