Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Review: Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra: Eastern Sprituality+Western Style = Deepak Chopra

A practical guide without any practicals!!!“A practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams” – this is what the cover page says. But as far as my learning goes, the people who know how to convert their dreams are not meant for such books (actually it is vice versa!). The book has been written more with the purpose of marketing and selling than delivering best valued and long lasting stuff.

Is it possible to get success just in Rs. 125/-!!!
The book is a good read. Fill it shut it forget it. Don’t worry if Rs. 150/- goes waste and dreams do not get converted to reality. Otherwise you may need another book to get rid of worries!!!

Writer is smart enough to understand what will sell well!!!Deepak Chopra writes well. Concept or Style taken from literature liked by Western Community and Contents from our Vedas (and other ancient Hindu Holy Books). A mix juice produced has put its impact on many people. New York Times recommends it to people who have missed “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran. This would have been there in that news paper’s jokes section. Some other similar books authors have an agreement to recommend each other’s books and under this agreement there are recommendations on the back of cover page from Anthony Robbins author of “Awaken the Giant within and unlimited power”, Ken Blanchard, co-author of “the one minute manager”. This is a business or professional deal applicable in all countries.

It is not that BAD either!!!It is a good read but for once only. Infact I was too impressed when I opened the bottle and smelled it. I got an impression that the Desi bottle is having imported Wine and buying has been a good bargain. The first peg was larger than Patiala one. It gave a high kick-start and made me ensure myself that I am going to achieve something big by the time I finish this book.

Chapter one
 talks about SILENCE, MEDITATION and TALKING TO NATURE and BEING NON-JUDGEMENTAL – Be Silent for some time during the day (according to me when you think you are silent just check inside your body, brain and heart – there should be complete silence at that time, all silences fully synchronized), move towards meditation from silence. Frequently observe the power of nature by visiting a river, lake, sea, mountain or any other power (to me even a trees, birds, flowers are powerful signs of Nature). Most of the time, we are judgmental about people, incidents etc. which is wrong. Try being non-judgmental while listening, watching, reading, talking and learning (which is actually very difficult). I really loved Chapter one.
But subsequent chapters were more of a polished preaching rather than something coming out of heart or may be I was too involved in routine happenings and was not able to catch it or dwell into them appropriately.

Chapter 2 talks about Law of Giving – you give wrong and get wrong in return. And you give right you get right in return. You get what to give. If you want money – give money (hahaha this is against all other teachings of life that state – always save money). you want good wishes then always wish good for all.

Chapter 3 is Law of Karma. It talks about Cause and Effect. What we sow is what we reap. Boya ped babool ka to…

Chapter 4 talks about Law of Least efforts. This also went against the regular teachings in life that say more efforts and hard work is required to earn more and get more in life. But Mr. Chopra says reverse. He says most of the things in Life and Nature happen themselves without any or least efforts. Like flowing of river, growing of tree, chirping of birds…

Chapter 5 is Law of Intention and Desire – more spiritual rather than practical. It says if you intend sincerely and are positive with no harm to anyone attitude you have highest chances of getting your desires fulfilled. It guides to meditate and silently pray about your intentions…

Chapter 6 – Law of Detachment – don’t attach yourself to anything or anyone. Don’t govern, let the things move or happen on their own.

Chapter 7 – Law of Dharma or do and act. it talks about awakening your inner conscious or the Kundalini.

Some best things about the Book and the Law Maker- Just 111 pages, seven chapters, seven Laws of life- A summary at the end of each Chapter- The Laws have been named very intelligently to increase the curiosity and provoking (especially western readers) for reading/buying this book.
- Deepak Chopra is an Executive Director of one of the Institutes in US (I am not sure US or UK) and his lectures are attended by most of the Western Countries.

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