Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celebrate Childhood - Sudha Gupta: World's Best soundtrack - cry of a newborn baby

WhyWhy did I write a review on this book:
The cover page appealed which said – “snapshots from a family life”
The title appealed more that said – “Celebrate Childhood”
The dedication appealed most that said – “to the man who showed us that you can enjoy childhood at any age
What? What this book is all about?This is 163 pages booklet with few quotations, picture on each right page, few liners on each left page, so that way less text, more pictures. Sometimes fewer words deliver more, cheer you more and deliver more, the same happens here too.
This book is about the characters – Rahul, Ria, the Baby, Papa, Mama, Grandpa, Grandma and the family dog Magnet.
Papa: All his bedtime stories’ (told to his kids Rahul and Ria) evil characters are known as Rakesh – his Boss’ at work (his Boss at home is Mama). His most prized possessions are – drawing of him made by Rahul, his Car and his Jazz CDs. Loses to his kids in the games he plays with them intentionally. Always cheers for India and any team playing against Pakistan in Cricket. Convinces himself that Beer is a health drink. Tucks in his tummy whenever he walks past the ladies’ hostel. And so on…
Mama: Knows how to scare away imaginary monsters hiding under Ria’s bed. Bargains even when buying railway tickets, is teaching Grandma to drive, Ria to ride a bicycle and Papa to change a Diaper. Tries to convince Papa that switching from Beer to Diet Beer is not dieting. Stands on a weighing scale every 6 hours. Whenever it is time for her favorite show, she is suddenly concerned about too much watching of TV by Rahul and Ria.
Rahul: Plays cricket everywhere including his classroom and bathroom. Can turn anything into a wicket including his Dog Magnet. Secretly feeds Magnet the milk Mama gives him. Had put once Magnet into the washing machine to give him a bath. Is able to convince Ria time and again that monsters live under her bed. Blames Magnet for his messy room. Has some real and some imaginary friends. Can identify 23 makes of cars. Colors family black and white photos with crayons. Was able to convince his father that the scratches on the car were made by a stray monkey. Wants to be a WWF wrestler.
Ria: She is fond of Pink color. Is scared of Doctor’s clinics, spiders and monsters under her bed. Wants to be a doctor. Prays to God to turn Rahul into a frog. Believes Rahul that house lizards grow up to become Alligators. Believes Papa that the frothy liquid he drinks is a medicine.
Grandpa: Age 62, mental age 8. Searches for his spectacles all day everywhere while wearing them. Works as a part time horse to Ria. Believes a criminal action against remixing of old songs. Sings in the bathroom – “mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu”. Secretly brings flowers for Grandma everyday.
Grandma: Loves eating and giving chocolates. Has given the same answer for the past 5 years about her age. Is terrified of mall escalators.
The Baby: Can speak three words clearly – Mama, Papa and TV. Thinks his name is – “No Baby, don’t”. will eat anything – wood, keys and his thumb. Looks around who is crying when classical music is played. Calls Magnet – Bow-Bow. Is fond of watching Tom and Jerry, Micky-Mouse and Lalu Prasad Yadav on TV. Is considered to resemble everyone in the house.
Magnet: Is scared of the Siamese cat next door. Once ate Ria’s homework – a brightly colored picture of a cat. Loves the wildlife programs on TV.
And then there are 60 reasons to celebrate Childhood – some emotional, some sensible, some already known, some unknown, some known but unknown, some unknown but known. But all of them are good.Who should read it: Every child who has to grow up and every grown up who has some proportion of child within him/her. Every Parent and Aspiring Parent. It is a light read, each celebrate reasons are just a line or two but do spend some time on each page in absorbing each line and the picture opposite to it.
Disclaimer: Sudha Gupta is the chairperson of a playschool chain.
I have no connection with that chain except -
They came to our corporate office with special offers about the children aged for playschool regarding fee concessions etc.
I got this booklet there from their staff

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